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Welding Consumables and Supplies

Welding rods, grinding disc, chalk, Tig cups, Collets, Filler rods, Gloves, Welding leads, lens, Masks, Respirators, Face shield etc.



Equipment Rental

Diesel Welding Generators, Generators, Portable Cement mixer, Concrete Vibrators, Grinders, Jackhammers, Air Compressor, Backhoe, Knuckle Boom Truck etc.



Inspection Services

Great Guyana Trade and Enterprises, can provide you with Certified Welding Inspectors to ensure full compliance to your WPS we provide inspection services during Welder testing, NACE coating Inspectors, Qualifed MPI and PT technicians.






/ Pipe Fabrication

/ Structural Steel Fabrication
/ Welding (Stick, Combination)
/ Sandblasting and Painting
/ Electrical Installation
/ Instrumentation installation
/ Underground Piping
/ Insulation Services
/ Electrical and Instrumentation Troubleshooting 
/ Firewater Piping

/ Welding Consumables

/ Rope Access

/ Pipe, Fitting and Valve Supply

/ Bolts and Gaskets
/ Equipment rental (Welding Machines etc.)
/ Spreader Bar Fabrication
/ Manpower Supply
/ Steel Window Fabrication and Supply
/ Underground pipeline construction
/ Pipe support Fabrication
/ Spool Fabrication
/ In-house Hydro testing

/ Certified Welding Inspectors

/ NACE Coating Inspectors

/ Training

Piping material supplies

Supplier of pipe, fittings, valves, gaskets, bolts etc. all to your specification, from reputable manufacturers. All material will be delivered with MTR's. All material is verified by our qualified Material Coordinators to ensure compliance with the order. Material Trackers are utilized as part of our Order system.




Metal Fabrication

Structural Steel and Pipe Fabrication. Qualified Fabricators will interpret your drawing and produce your order with the highest quality workmanship. Our program ensures all material is verified, coded and measurement verified before cutting. 




Qualified and experienced welders will ensure your fabrication is welded with the highest quality with process that meet your specifications. All welders are tested to your specification and procedure. Our goal is "ZERO"defects.

Stick and combination welders are ready to go.

Mobile welding solutions.




GGTE Inc. will install all piping, valves and structural fabrication both onshore and offshore.

All works are planned to ensure safety is the number one priority.



Sandblasting and Painting

Sandblasting and Painting Services on all Piping, Structural fabrication, Vessels, Ships etc. Our qualified personnel will ensure all work is performed to specification with Safety as the number one priority.

All Sandblasting and painting process is overseen by our NACE Level 1 or 2 inspector,  to ensure full compliance to the procedure or system.


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